Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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The girls (My wife and daughters) flew to Geneva so I had to drive over to pick them up. I passed this field just before entering a tunnel and back tracked to find it. Time was not a major problem and I have seen, and admired, so many sunflower shots I had to have a go. The light was falling fast but with my flash and wireless triggers I set up a tripod and used my remote control to hold the light off camera to the left. Shame about the tree but now I have a sunflower shot of my very own!


Chris Lee said...

Great Composition and rich colour. I love it.

Found your blog from Talk Photography Forum

Anonymous said...

Great shot. Not surprised you stopped. Reckon you can clone out the tree.

picperfic said...

this has to be the best sunflower shot I have ever seen....apart from Van Gogh's that is!