Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Holiday - We're off!

Dover Port Entrance
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I know I extol the virtues of living in the highlands; the fresh air, the majestic scenery, the wonderful lochs. Well everyone needs a holiday now and again so where does someone go to trump that where they normally live? For me it is the alps. No gentle rollings hills or rounded granite mounds worn down and adorned with peat and heather but a younger, sharper, type of mountain landscape.

Where the Scottish Mountains are regal and aged, they live relatively alone at the edge of the European community. The alps however are in the centre of europe and their youthful topography attracts all kinds of outdoor people. From walkers and cyclists to white water rafters, free climbers and of course free-flyers.

We have two weeks to experience these younger neighbours. I hope I am up for the party.

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